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bulletบุคคลทั่วไป 1 คน
bulletCapsule Vaccum Oven 150 C
bulletConveyor Driving System
bulletRoller kiln
bulletShuttle kiln
bulletTunnel kiln
bulletGear system for roller kiln
bulletspecial design SiSic Conbustion Tube
bulletเตาอบลมร้อน Conveyor Drier Temp 60-120C
bulletshuttle kiln 1300C
bulletบอยเล่อร์ บอยเลอร์ boiller
bulletShuttle Kiln 1300 C ขนาด 2 คิว
bulletBar Conveyor 2 meter width
bulletAluminium Tube Drier
bulletDRIER 3 layer อบแร่
bulletเตาอินฟราเรด หัวเผาอินฟราเรด
bulletHot Air Oven เตาอบถังน้ำมัน 200ลิตร
bulletDimond Roof Tile Color line 185 meter
bulletroller kiln for pottory
bulletroller kiln2
bulletRoller kiln 3 Delivery
bulletroller kiln 4 install
bulletCPF station gas & Pipe Line
bulletDrier 40-60C Granite Tile
bulletDrier 150-250C Cement Roof Tile TPI
bulletShuttle kiln Gas Piping 980 C, size 20Cu
bulletDrier 150 C Hot Air Oven SNC Scan
bulletเตาอบเป็ดปักกิ่ง ฮั่วเซ่งเฮง
bulletshuttle kiln Gas Piping 40 Cu
bulletเตาเผาขยะ โรงไฟฟ้าขยะหาดใหญ่
bulletRotary Drier & Rotary kiln
bulletSanwa ceramic Modify Burner High Speed
bulletSCG cooling Conveyor
bulletฺBoiller supper Heat โรงไฟฟ้า
bulletเตาเทปันยากิ เตายากิโทริ เตาอาร์เจนติน่ากริลร์
bulletROTARY KILN 600C
bulletmodify burner control Automatic with PLC
bulletSpray Cabin & Wet Filter system
bulletAfter Burner ห้องเผาควัน
bulletRoller kiln อ.ป.ก. ดาวคู่
bulletRoller kiln Crown Ceramic return line conveyor
bulletroller conveyor table SCG
bulletconveyor Bar Stainless (Cassett Type)
bulletShrink Fit ถอดปลอกเพลา ด้วยความร้อน
bulletAfter Burner Torrifraction system
bulletroller kiln APK dowkoo , 100 meter
bulletTest run Rotary kiln Gasify
bulletRotary kiln Gasify (Brick Work)
bulletrotary kiln Gasification Installation
bulletFluidized Bed dryer เครื่้องอบแห้ง เครื่อง Dry อาหาร

nidec shimpo

Installation Activated Carbon year 2009

 installation Activated Carbon year 2009 , Ratchaburi Thailand.

our company start to built this today April 2009. our target to finish is 8 month intallation & commissioing.

this plant we install many mahcine as follow;

  1. Vibrating screen plant , capacity 3 ton/hr , size 3-10 mm
  2. Rotary kiln for Activated carbon with cooling , capacity 500 kg/hr (totaly 2 kiln) , Temp 980C
  3. Boiler Steam capacity 5 ton/hr
  4. Grinding machine & Bucket Elevator
  5. Rotary Drier Stainless , Temp 120-150C , Capacity 1000 kg/hr.
  6. Bagfilter & station gas pipe line.

the activated carbon plant we usually design the plant by follow the formular of the customer.

we can do all machinery you require but the process and formular , the sequence of production line. 

customer should be able to know what they seeking for. What plant thery are dream for.

we supply by customer design. and we did our job professionally standard CE.

the Activated carbon plant we start 1st rotary kiln as phase 1 this is photo of first finish one

station gas for LPG 8 ton. here in thailand this LPG is the only choice.

finish centering & moveable platform for maintenance will be more easy.

we design the rotary hopper entrance to be able to move out by florklift.

Rotary Platform By Steel , painting primer

Rotary Platform By Steel , painting Top Coat

we choose Blue and Grey color

paking system by third party. we don't do customer buy it themself.

Bucket elevator and grinding machine.


Bucket elevator and Sieveing machine to seperate size.



our burner mostly finish ready to go on fire.


FIlter bag is needed to install all around the entire plant where we loading or moving. its create alot of dust. here we install 7 set of this.



stainless rotary drier. this is for heat up the material befor paking we heat at 150C


capacity is 1-2 ton/hr



for rotary drier temp 150 C we built hot air firing chamber


internal is castable 1300 C for the hot air chamber



Burner is ready for activated cabon rotary kiln


cyclone stainless for hot air drier



all the heat that generate by rotary kiln of activated carbon we used it for boiler.


when start up plant we use LPG burner but after steady run at 980C LPG burner is off. but we reclaim all heat from activated carbon rotary kiln to make steam.



the size of the boiler is depend on the customer what is they formular. here is 2 ton/hr. finally after run for a yerar we found that it is too small. we should have 5 ton/hr is better.




it is look like a rocket or misile with D=3 meter , L=20 meter.

this photo taken 3 week after run the plant.




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